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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) available for CPHT Graduates
All professional associations have Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements and the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) has chosen to follow the CNHC’s guidance on this. The definition of a CPD and also an indication of the type and quantity of CPD required can be found by following this link: CNHC CPD

National CPD Programme
The complete list of all CPDs available nationwide with dates can be found here.

Online CPDs
Many CPDs below are now available online via Zoom so you can participate in the comfort of your own home. All you need to participate is a computer/tablet with webcam, microphone and an internet connection. Details and the Zoom link will be sent to you by email accompanying your Paypal payment.

Post CPD Downloads
After attending a CPD, documents are available for download in PDF format by clicking on the Download links below. The links are password-protected; the passwords are issued to participants at the end of each CPD.

Achieving Success with Weight Loss Clients Jan 2020

Self hypnosis for Childbirth Feb 2020
Working With Children Feb 2020 

Working with Children and Young Adults with Challenging Behaviour June 2020

Achieving Success with Weight Loss Clients July 2020

Understanding Behaviour Styles October 2020

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CPD CPD – AHD required CPD – Workshop (half-day)
Title Date

Understanding Behaviour Styles (UBS) or enhanced success as a therapist (Online live Video conference)

Due to very popular demand we have added a second date for this CPD

Learning Outcomes:

To provide you, as a therapist, with a way of establishing rapport with clients quickly, thereby enhancing your success, both in terms of the outcomes you enable for your clients and also the likelihood of them referring you to their friends, family and colleagues in the future.

We will explore:

  • The origin and validity of behavioural styles: both the theory and the application over the years
  • Rapport: what it is, why it’s essential for enabling positive outcomes
  • The two basic principles and the one rule to apply in order to establish rapport every time
  • The three channels of communication and how to maximise our intended message depending on which ones are available to us (in person, in writing, on the phone)
  • How to identify a persons behaviour preference with ease
  • The four different behaviour styles and how they present, both in general and in the practice room
  • How to enhance outcomes (for you and your client), before, during and after therapy

CPD Delivered by Emma TrebyInspired To Change

What previous attendees have said about this CPD:

Sarah: Having worked with behavioural styles over they years in various guises, I was really interested to see how this training might differ and ultimately, how it could be integrated in therapy and coaching. An exceptionally well delivered workshop, from an extremely ‘engaging’ tutor who shared her experiences as well as involving the delegates in theirs. I gained emence value from the content and I really enjoyed exploring these 4 behaviour styles and in particular how they’re influenced by our primitive and intellectual thinking. I felt it was spot on in terms of the quality and quantity of content, the time flew by. An exceptional training, not to be missed by any therapist or coach!

Nicola: I really enjoyed the course. I can’t wait to put it into practice and use in my personal life and professional life. I really believe it will change my communication with everyone I come into contact with once I have put it into practice for a while. Thank you

Emily: Absolutely brilliant course. So helpful and satisfying, has given me so much confidence to apply in my practice and my life generally. Superbly delivered too.

Richard: EXCELLENT ADDITION TO W/S/NOMAD. very helpful to understand the two camps for each quadrant. this will help as can use it to monitor progress of positive change truly excellent content – Thank you this should in my opinion be compulsory for all therapists… just my opinion!

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Saturday 17th October 2020

Achieving Success with Weight Loss Clients (Online live Video conference)

Get ready to offer you clients a great way to reduce their weight in the New Year

***Now Limited Places***

Learning outcomes:

To provide practitioners with a sound understanding of how to work with clients to achieve success with their goals around weight loss using a solution focused approach.

It will include an in depth discussion of:

  • Understanding why the way our brain works has an impact on our weight
  •  Understanding how stress, anxiety and depression impacts on our weight from a chemical and evolutionary perspective
  • How a solution focused approach can be used in the therapy room to help clients achieve their goals
  • How to help clients set goals they can achieve
  • How to create a positive mindset for change
  • Why willpower doesn’t work
  • How to create positive new habits and let go of old ones
  • How to create long term success – Weight management vs Weight loss
  • A step by step approach on how to incorporate this knowledge in to your client sessions including the Initial Consultation, Scaling and the Miracle Question.

Course Facilitator : Caroline Prout from Inspired To Change 

What previous attendees have said about this CPD: 

Sharon M: Brilliant, engaging, informative, pacey, interactive with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. Highly recommend this course

Tanif H: This was my first CPD after qualifying and I was really impressed with the course content. Caroline was a great trainer, her enthusiasm for the subject matter really came through and I feel really confident and motivated now to see weight loss clients. I will be looking to see what other training Caroline offers in the future. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Sandra w: Caroline was really good, very clear and gave everyone the chance to answer questions. She was clearly knowledgeable in this area 🙂

Anna T: Really rich content on this course that has left me feeling far more confident in supporting clients with their weight management journey. Lots of practical tips bout the process as well as the theory behind it. I love Caroline’s delivery style too. Highly recommend.

Catherine V: This course is very informative and delivered in a well thought out way including plenty of group discussion. I would recommend this course to enhance what you will have learnt as part of your weight management course through SFBT. Thank you Caroline xx

Charlotte S: Great course! I’ve been working with weight loss clients for a while but I learnt so much from Caroline. Her dynamic engaging delivery translated brilliantly to zoom and I would absolutely recommend this course to both newbies and more experienced colleagues.

Catherine : I really enjoyed this course it delivered everything I was hoping it would. Although the course was full it never felt like you couldn’t have your say. Caroline is clearly passionate about this subject and I feel confident in seeing new clients as I now have more knowledge.

Joanna L: Really great course and trainer. Caroline made it very interesting and practical. Would thoroughly recommend.

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Sunday 21st November 2020

Working with Children and Young Adults with Challenging Behaviour (Online live Video conference)

***Now Limited Places***

Learning Outcomes:

This CPD will allow you to gain an insight into the common additional needs that can come into your practice when working with children.

The focus will be on:

  • Autism
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Global Development Delay
  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Looking at each additional need and knowing what areas can impact on the child’s life and contribute to primitive responses.

How to make the most out of the Initial Consultation and information gathering to support your work and environment.
Scaling and being Imaginative with the Miracle Question

A step by step approach you can incorporate into your practice to feel comfortable as a practitioner when working with additional needs.

Creating a sensory toolbox to compliment your sessions and get the most out of your clients.

Course Facilitator : Nicole Woodcock  from Hummingbird Hypnotherapy

What previous attendees have said about this CPD:

Catherine: I found this course amazing, it is clear that Nicole has a passion for this work and this means that her passion comes across in a way of total belief. The content was perfect and and easy to follow the group i was with were happy sharing their own experiences which always brings a course to life. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone.

Sarah W: A fantastic, fun and highly informative CPD. Nicole has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and shares this in a lively and interactive way. I feel I now have the confidence to work with clients with additional needs and look forward offering this as a service with my practice. Thank you!

Wendy M: A brilliant CPD. My eyes have been opened to the challenges that kids with additional needs face every day. And I’m really inspired to see what a difference you’re making, Nicole! Thanks for a great workshop.

Helen: Great content and the delivery was excellent

Sandra M: Nicole is very inspiring and clearly is very knowledgeable and experienced in this area. Loved the case study – more of this please as it is the practical application that is so important to experience,

Beverley B: Really enjoyed the day. It was lovely to hear how sessions can be run. I will definitely attend future CPD 🙂

 TRACEY : Really interesting course, well delivered by an experienced and knowledgeable Nicole. I’m fairly new to the world of CPHT CPD’s – this is only my 2nd, so i”m not sure if this is the norm or not, but I would find it really useful to be provided with some course materials after the course. I didn’t realise we wouldn’t get anything so didn’t take as detailed notes as I would have otherwise. In my previous industry we always would have received something, hence my confusion! Thanks for a really interesting and thought provoking day.

Catherine V: This course was brilliant. Nic was so relaxed delivering the course and put us all at ease so we could relax and enjoy the content of the course. Would definitely recommend this course.

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Saturday 5th December 2020

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Cancellation Policy
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